Our Easter Entry

I have so enjoyed watching Spring gently unfold in my yard and neighborhood. Over the last week, green is popping up everywhere and it sure does feel cheerful and hopeful. I’ve had my Easter door hangers out since St. Patrick’s Day.

I’m using my Have Mercy cross attached it to a boxwood wreath (from Target, approximately 24″.) You can read more about my cross, and the mini matching version inside, in THIS POST.

I already have two new ferns in my two new pots. It is my favorite look, all year long. They should last me until Christmas. The ferns were a lucky, cheap find at Costco. We lost one of the pots, after a long 18 years, in the hurricane we had late last year. These replacements are from Home Depot, and the bottom bases were from Target a long time ago.

I just can’t get over all the wonderful shades of green and the red on the maple trees. I try to just enjoy the pretty things, rather than let the new weeds, also sprouting up everywhere, get to me.

Over at the side door, I am using a cross this year. I managed to plant the two shamrocks from St. Patrick’s Day here in this pot but really need to refresh all of my annuals.

Along with Spring and green comes a thick coat of yellow pollen on everything. We are in and out of the porch doors so much that it is even on the furniture in my den and kitchen. Yuck!

It should all clear out in a couple of weeks and then we will set to a deep clean. We usually cover our porch furniture when the pollen hits, but decided to enjoy it this year, like last. I carried in the throw pillows, blankets and a few things that couldn’t be hosed down but left 90% of the porch and cabana stuff untouched.

Happy Easter season!

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4 thoughts on “Our Easter Entry

  1. Your Easter door hangers are always favorites of mine! I have a similar cross on my “Happy Everything” plate for Easter. The pollen hasn’t kicked in full gear yet in central VA but it will be soon and I dread waking up to yellow vehicles, sidewalks, porches, etc. every morning.

    1. I have that cross out too! I love it so much. Oh yes, everything is covered. Our weather is so strange. It was “feels like 32” this morning.

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