Changes in Latitude {Key West: All the Touristy Things}

While Islamorada was all about the r&r and resort activities, we got out and about in Key West. It was so much fun to take the boys to do things I remember doing around their ages!

Changes in Latitude: Fun in the Florida Keys
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Key West: All the Touristy Things
Key West: Island Eats
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Hemingway House

We took a guided tour of the Hemingway House and it was excellent! Our guide was hysterical and really brought the colorful history of the home and Key West to life. It was only about 20 minutes and is free. You just have to sign up on arrival. Speaking of arrival, we saw lines stretching over a block during our days in Key West. We went one morning right at 9AM and walked in.

There are 60 cats at the house, all descended from Snow White. Some have the extra toes, and others don’t. All were SO friendly and Whit and I loved petting them.

We got a good chuckle that there were signs not to touch the furniture, yet the cats were napping on the dining room table and right in Hemingway’s bed!

All of the cats are named after famous people and we FINALLY got to meet Walt Disney!

Both of my parents reminded us to find Hemingway’s last red cent near the pool (still the largest private pool in Key West that cost $330k in today’s dollars!)

And, of course, the famous urinal from Sloppy Joe’s was a hit!

While 90% of the home’s furnishings are original, he loft where Hemingway wrote was exactly preserved.

Southernmost Point

90 miles to Cuba. This landmark speaks for itself!

Duval Street Area

I still remember having conch fritters with my family at Sloppy Joe’s! We opted for ice cold Coca-Cola’s on a hot day instead.

The boys were in awe of the money covering the walls at Captain Tony’s!

I thought this one looked familiar. When we got close I realized it is home to the clothing optional roof top bar my friend P “surprised” us with on a girls trip about 20 years ago. (I wore clothes). My boys were speechless over this whole idea. :-)

We all enjoyed reading signs in windows and the sayings on t-shirts as we walked the streets around Duval and Mallory Square. I loved the colorful old houses!

Conch Train

And, finally, the Conch Train Tour is another one that has stood the test of time in a quintessential Key West experience.

The only thing we didn’t get to that was on the list was the lighthouse. Overall, most of the landmarks and dining are in a pretty small area that is very walkable. Bikes would be fun too!

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2 thoughts on “Changes in Latitude {Key West: All the Touristy Things}

  1. Just returned from KW. Loved my 45 minute guided tour of Hemmingways home, but must inform you it is not FREE. Cost is about 20 dollars per person. Enjoy,

    1. Hi Helen, Our tour was free! They said it was included with admission at no extra charge – you just had to sign up for a time. I guess that has changed. Amanda

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