Changes in Latitude {Islamorada: Celebrating Easter & Pierre’s}

We made our way down to the Florida Keys yesterday and enjoyed a breathtaking Easter in Islamorada! We swam, fished and played basketball at the resort before sitting down to sumptuous sunset dinner at Pierre’s Restaurant.

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Islamorada: Celebrating Easter & Pierre’s
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This two-story plantation house exterior resembles the old colonial style residences found in West Africa. We were told at dinner that it may look familiar – being the Rayburn Inn in Bloodline! I’m not sure that’s completely accurate, based on an instagram comment, so hopefully someone familiar with the area will chime in. If it isn’t Rayburn House Inn, it must be a doppleganger!

We dined on the lower verandah in the most picture perfect seat I ever could have imagined!

Not only is the building itself striking, but it is set amidst a glorious, palm-lined beach overlooking Florida Bay, with walking paths thru tropical flowers, tiki torches and twinkle lights.

The food, French fusion with regional influences, and service were divine. We all enjoyed trying new things and not a scrap was left at the end of the night.

As the sun set over Florida Bay, we were in for a spectacular show.

It was a day I’ll treasure. This place. These people. The promise of Easter.

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