Changes in Latitude {Islamorada Eats}

We spent five days in Islamorada and sought out all the best eats. If they had local seafood, we were in!

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Key West: Island Eats
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Pierre’s Restaurant

For fine dining, I cannot say enough good things about a sumptuous sunset dinner at Pierre’s Restaurant.

This two-story plantation house exterior resembles the old colonial style residences found in West Africa. We were told at dinner that it may look familiar – being the Rayburn Inn in Bloodline! I’m not sure that’s completely accurate, based on an instagram comment, so hopefully someone familiar with the area will chime in. If it isn’t Rayburn House Inn, it must be a doppleganger!

We dined on the lower verandah in the most picture perfect seat I ever could have imagined! Not only is the building itself striking, but it is set amidst a glorious, palm-lined beach overlooking Florida Bay, with walking paths thru tropical flowers, tiki torches and twinkle lights.

The food, French fusion with regional influences, and service were divine. We all enjoyed trying new things and not a scrap was left at the end of the night.

As the sun set over Florida Bay, we were in for a spectacular show.

Morada Bay Beach Cafe

Located just a hop, skip and a jump away from Pierre’s is Morada Bay Beach Cafe. Situated amidst a beautiful palm-lined beach, overlooking blue waters, with walking paths through tropical flowers, the Beach Cafe is local perfection.

The Café’s menu is a blend of Caribbean and American cuisine. The Key Lime Colada is a MUST, and we are still thinking about the Thai Key West Tacos comprised of local wild pink shrimp, spiced sriracha aioli, thai basil cilantro pesto, and toasted coconut flake. They were the most memorable thing I’ve eaten in five days of good food!

You’ll find inside and outside bars and dining areas, live entertainment, spectacular sunsets, and a large child-friendly beach with cozy Adirondack chairs. Come early, prepare to wait and make an evening of it.


Robbie’s of Islamorada is like no place we encountered thus far! Voted “Number 1 Place in the Keys that Every Toursit Should Visit”, this was a full afternoon of food, shopping, music, people watching and tarpon feeding.

We enjoyed waterfront seating at the Hungry Tarpon Restaurant and a full menu of entertainment, between the music, people, watersports coming in and out, people cleaning fish, the hungry pelicans, the tarpon dock AND MORE! You will not be bored here!

The food was decent – we had burgers and cheesesteaks – and the “Trailer Trash Bloody Mary” was excellent. Honey and I shared one because we couldn’t stand missing out on this quirky signature drink.

Nature provided quite the show just steps away from our table.

After lunch we headed over to feed the tarpon. What memories!! We all took turns and have the best vides of us laughing and shrieking as the fish jumped up to retrieve their snacks right from our hands.

This is a fantastic, fun and memorable stop on your Florida Keys adventure!

Lazy Days

At the recommendation of our fishing charter captain, we carried our fresh catch to Lazy Days!

Following his directions to a “t” we went “Lazy Style” – our red snapper was panko crusted, served with key lime butter and topped with diced tomato, green onion and parmesan cheese. I kid you not when I say it was the best fish we’d ever eaten! We’ve already found copy cat recipes online.

The Trading Post

The Trading Post was a great stop for snacks for the room and our day trip on the fishing charter. We all enjoyed their ready-made sandwiches, snacks and, most of all, noodles!

Key Lime Pie Factory

You absolutely MUST stop at Key Lime Pie Factory on Key Largo on your way in. The Key Lime Pie on a stick is the best thing I ate in the keys. I started with one for us to share and after the first bite proclaimed it was an “every man for himself” event. Be sure to enjoy it in the secret garden.

We’ve arrived in Key West and look forward to updating on part two of our trip in the coming days! Thanks for coming along!

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