Our Alice in Wonderland Woodland Bee

Little CeeCee was awarded a coveted role in her ballet studio’s spring performance, Alice in Wonderland! She loves ballet so much, and worked so hard over the course of this year to perfect her choreography. Tickets were very limited so Jay (happily) gave up his seat at her last show so that I could attend.

She was the littlest one on the stage, but was one of the biggest in stage presence. The entire show was fantastic and, as always, I left impressed at the dedication and stamina of each and every ballerina. Imagine 12 fouette turns in a mask!

After the show, the rest of the family joined us for a special celebratory dinner. Sister and I took CeeCee here after Nutcracker and she was eager to go back. Not just for the food, but also for the special menu. It was a surprise that didn’t go unnoticed or unloved in December. :-)

Mother wrapped up one of my beloved dolls and sent it to me to give to CeeCee in lieu of flowers. She marveled at how Alice’s eyes open and close and the fact that she was dated 1975 on the back of her neck. I haven’t saddled her with any of my old things, not having a daughter of my own, but this one felt right and special.

But, don’t worry about the flowers… Sister ordered a “small hand held bouquet for a child in pastel colors” and received this! Ha! It’s absolutely STUNNING, although not at all what she asked for. :-)

I cannot tell you how much I treasure being a part of these special days. I just planned a Disney trip for a special lady and her 20 year old niece and I couldn’t help but hope my future will hold the same down the road! (Will have to ditch Sister somehow…. lol)

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One thought on “Our Alice in Wonderland Woodland Bee

  1. Oh, this child just warms my heart. I can imagine how much you all adore her! Thank you for sharing a wee bit of her with us. I think she will always be up for a getaway with Aunchie! :o)

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