Celebrating Number 19

Nineteen years ago on a unseasonably cold and rainy day in Savannah, I tied the knot with the man y’all know as Honey :-)


It seems like yesterday that I walked down the aisle to meet him, yet I can hardly remember life before him.

I’m so grateful for everything that we’ve done, all that we have, and the little ones that we have been blessed with.  Honey is truly the most patient, gentlest and selfless man I know.

Not a single day has passed that I didn’t thank God for bringing us together. I pray that we have many, many more years of health, love and adventure left in our Happily Ever After.

We both worked a full day and then headed to his favorite Atlanta restaurant, Little Alley Steakhouse for dinner. Our night wrapped up sipping Skrewball peanut butter whiskey in the hot tub (friends brought to an event and I had yet to try!). :-)

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7 thoughts on “Celebrating Number 19

  1. Happy anniversary! We celebrate our 25th on Monday! Have you tried the PB whiskey mixed with Chambord or Frangelica? The Chambord combo is too sweet for me, but I love it with the Frangelica. I have never enjoyed whiskey until I tried PB whiskey!

    1. Oh my gosh, I have not! Yesterday was my first sip! Another reader emailed me to try it in a bushwhacker or Wendy’s frosty!

  2. Happy 19th! Beautiful pics!
    We’re celebrating my husband’s 50th birthday at Little Alley Steakhouse next week … then head to Savannah for our 18th anniversary.
    Any restaurant recommendations there for an anniversary dinner? We’re foodies, too, and haven’t dined out in…forever… it seems!
    Appreciate any tips you may have.

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