Stay Awhile {Our Patriotic Pool}

Well, our pool construction came and went, I shared holiday decor and now I’m all the way to the Fourth of July and I STILL haven’t given you a proper before and after “reveal”. I promise it will happen. I was originally waiting for the plants to green up. And by the time that happened the flags went out.

Large Flag | Small Flag Bunting | Large Flag Bunting | Striped Towels | Command Hooks
Table Cloth | String Lights | Battery Taper Candle

Alas, I hope you enjoy this “patriotic” tour until I can get all the details down for you. Grab your evening beverage and get ready to “stay awhile”…

Making all of the choices for this new project was so much fun and then getting to add a few new touches as different holidays roll around is the icing on the cake! We didn’t add much outside of a bunch of flags to dress up the backyard for the fourth! Our neighborhood does a huge fireworks display and we can’t wait to welcome friends here in celebration this weekend.

A little paver path leads from the driveway to the “courtyard” area of the pool. We went with turf here and it was the BEST decision we made through the whole process. Here is the first look when coming in the gate.

The deck comes clear up to the house and the pool is essentially where our grass was before.

Looking in the opposite direction, you can see where we added the cabana for shade, even more outdoor living space and, most importantly, for privacy from the street and our corner lot.

Like with other holidays, I tried to choose festive but useful decorative items. Red and white striped towels make a statement, but are also necessary items! I’ve put flags in my pots for decades and continue that tradition back here.

I purchased the six small patriotic buntings to go across the front of the cabana. They are perfect in that they don’t hang so low that they block any views. They are hung with command hooks and then secured with short lengths of pipe cleaners. Otherwise, the wind knocks them loose.

I might try to pick up some cute patriotic floats after the holidays. For now, these look pretty cute and almost always have someone in them when the pool is in use.

I’ve used the buntings on the porch railings since we moved in! They go up on permanent hooks that I also use at Christmas for garlands.

Here’s a better look at how the cabana connects to the courtyard. The big daddy flag was a new addition that I adore!! Honey put a ladder up there in that flower bed and secured it with white hooks that will just stay up from here on out.

I set the table for our Sunday Supper. It was a nice, breezy summer night. I’ll share more details later this week!

Best of all, the table has two pieces we add to turn it into ping pong! Again, more details to come!

In addition to the buntings, I pulled a few pillows from my collection for the cabana. They were previously located in other places for the fourth but found new homes here. I fell in love with the details and colors on this Georgia pillow and thought it was perfect to move outdoors with my patriotic decor. 

My spider bite has kept me from so much as dipping a toe in the pool all summer. It brings me great joy to see the boys and their friends enjoy it! In fact, John has a group here at this very moment.

Elsa girl is not a fan of the water at all. She jumps on the shelf to fight with the little sprayers there when they are on. Otherwise, she keeps a safe distance at all times.

I promise I’ll share sources, materials, and decor things before the summer ends! Have a happy Fourth!

Large Flag | Small Flag Bunting | Large Flag Bunting | Striped Towels | Command Hooks
Table Cloth | String Lights | Battery Taper Candle

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7 thoughts on “Stay Awhile {Our Patriotic Pool}

  1. Wow, what a gorgeous and fun space. The exterior of your home is just beautiful. Your house is one of my favorites in blog-world!!

  2. Stunning, love the shape of your pool, cabana, furniture, decor, in other words, everything!

    It’s Canada Day here. 🇨🇦

  3. Amanda, this pool area is beautiful! I have been a follower for years and have really enjoyed watching you turn this older home into a youthful but elegantly comfortable home for your family. Thank you for sharing!

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