Patriotic Touches In The Den + Kitchen

If this isn’t a perfect depiction of the dog days of summer, I don’t know what is.

I put out my summer anchor throw pillows on the sofa and in the chairs. They are from Everyday Occasions.

I pulled out all of my blue and white containers for flowers. I reuse the flags every year.

I was so excited to pull out our Vineyard Vines patriotic puzzle from Target two years back! Since the spider bite has kept me indoors more than I’d like, puzzles, books and Netflix have been going non-stop.

I’ve got a similar arrangement in the kitchen. I love this spot for flowers because they can be enjoyed from the den and kitchen.

I am using patriotic Happy Everything attachments on the frame and bowl in the kitchen. The monogram on my mug was from my crest by Simply Jessica Marie.

One last arrangement on the kitchen table concludes this mini-tour.

Again, more of the same flowers. I thought dum dums would be a cute, festive little treat for my fish cups this month.

What are your plans for the holiday weekend?

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3 thoughts on “Patriotic Touches In The Den + Kitchen

  1. Love all the flags and patriotic touches! Great reminder of how blessed we are. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Just wondering how you’re progressing in your recovery from the spider bite. I felt so badly that you couldn’t go in pool or ocean in Myrtle Beach, and of course your own beautiful pool.

  3. Miss Elsa has the right idea with all the excessive heat we are having on both coasts. We will be hanging out by the pool and going to a baseball game with fireworks over the weekend. We typically don’t like to travel over the 4th with all the traffic and crowds. Could you share where you found those cute little whale cups? Have a great holiday!

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