A Simply Jessica Marie Family Crest

I fell head over heels in love with Simply Jessica Marie’s watercolor crest artwork last year. I asked Honey waaaaay back in December to let me have one painted for our 18th anniversary this past May. When he agreed, relieved to not have to come up with a gift, I started working with Jessica right after the new year.

I had scoured her site and coveted everything on her Instagram so our initial consult call was quite easy. Most of her clients are brides, putting together a wedding crest, but we wanted a family crest that would be a timeless representation of us. She took the time to learn more about us, our family and our interests and jotted down the list I had already made of icons that would represent our family. I used many of the icons she already had painted and available in her crest bar, and then supplemented with a custom pet portrait, front door painting and a few tweaks and a bit of personalization to a couple of other things she already had.

She promised to complete our crest by our anniversary on May 18 and did just that. Along the way, she sent draft layouts and sketches of our custom pieces. It was a hard wait from January to May, but SO worth it!

I chose the white floral crest in sky blue and navy, with the double letter vintage monogram. We used Est. 2002 rather than our wedding date, like most of the brides and samples on her page use.

For icons, here is what we chose. Honey was an active participant in this part, but left all of the colors and rest of the project to me. :-) Moving counter clockwise from top left:

  • Airplane for travel
  • Cross for Catholic faith
  • Hidden mickey from pink peonies
  • Marsh bird for our love of the coast
  • Custom painting of our front door
  • Custom painting of Elsa
  • Gold pennant flag for Georgia Tech
  • Monograms for John and Whit, with angel wings for Matthew
  • Peach for Georgia
  • Flag for our love of the USA

Here you can see the absolutely PRECIOUS painting of Elsa Belle. The moment I saw it, I ordered a print.

And here is the painting of our front door, complete with the cross door hanger, ferns and dogs wearing their bows. <3

Here you can see how I framed and displayed my crest and art! I am so in love with it here in my work space.

I moved my boys’ homecoming gowns up to our master bedroom and will share those soon.

The colors are perfect for the family office. I went with the 16×20″ crest fine art print and 8×10″ sizes of Elsa and our door.

The gold bamboo frames are found here (affililate links):
8×10″ with UV Glass | 16×20″ with UV Glass

They are great quality and a fair price based on what I compared them to on other sites.

You can take a full tour of my office and find all of those sources here:

In addition to the art prints, Jessica also sends high res files so you can use your crest and custom artwork on everything under the sun! She has a great selection of products on her website, but I have used my printing company from my etsy shop to do notepads, notebooks, mugs, stickers and even a “day care” bag for Elsa! I’m sure you’ll be seeing these things ad nauseam.

If you contact Jessica, tell her I sent you. There’s nothing in it for me and I found and supported her on my very own. I just love to see small businesses and artists shining in their space!!! <3

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