Adventures by Disney {Montana Day 4: Yellowstone to Big Sky}

It was time to head em up and move em out today! We made our last jaunt into Yellowstone, saddled up for a trail ride and ended our day at the Big Sky Resort. This trip was designed to travel through the history of Montana, from prehistoric dinosaurs to the discovery and current times in Yellowstone National Park to living the resort and adventure life in Big Sky!

Adventures by Disney: Montana
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Day 3: Yellowstone National Park
Day 4: Yellowstone to Big Sky
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Montana Memories

Breakfast at Yellowstone Under Canvas

We are on the move again! We packed up our bags and had them on our tent porches before heading out to a robust breakfast in the restaurant.

We boarded the coach and picked up Connie, our local expert, for one last morning of her insights and entertainment! The roads leading into the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone are known for wildlife and we were able to pull off to get a closer look. Connie told us so much about the bison and elk we were seeing and our guides even showed us how to find bison fur in the thistle. The average square mile of Montana land contains 1.4 elk, 1.4 pronghorn antelope, and 3.3 deer. In Montana, the elk, deer, and antelope populations outnumber the humans.

Hiking at Artist Point in the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

Our big event of the morning started with a guided walk where we were able to experience Artist Point from a variety of overlooks and trails. We discovered the complex geologic history and the dramatic colors and shapes of this unique natural treasure.​ I love that this was the inspiration behind the Artist Point restaurant at Wilderness Lodge (currently closed and much preferred before it turned into a Snow White meal.)

Canyon Village Lunch

Our guides gave us meal coupons to dine at Canyon Eatery located at Canyon Village. They had us there before the doors open to ensure we beat the massive crowds dining in the parks this summer. We all chose the noodle bowls, which were quite tasty! Afterwards, we went to the visitor center, shopped and got our National Parks Passport stamped.

Back on the coach, it was more fun. Honey and John napped while Whit and I laughed till we cried over Moose Migration – a collaborative art game. We bid a final farewell to Wyoming and Yellowstone as we will spend the rest of our trip in Montana.

Horseback Ride

After lunch we saddled up at the ranch!

Our cowboys introduced us to the horses and us ready to ride.

Giddy up! Off we went on an absolutely majestic ride through pine forests, meadows filled with wildflowers, and spectacular views of mountain lakes.  It was absolutely sensational and felt so good to be out in the fresh air and soaking in the beauty of the Treasure State.

One thing I have loved about both of my Adventures is that alternate activities are provided for the youngest guests and anyone who many not feel comfortable with certain levels of activity. In this case, Junior Adventurers under 8 years of age went on a wrangler-led corral ride or a wagon ride. Alternatives for adults included a shorter horseback ride closer to the coral as well as wagon rides.

Check-in at Huntley Lodge, Big Sky Resort

We literally collapsed into the beds in our cozy rooms at Huntley Lodge at Big Sky Resort, which is the base camp for Yellowstone National Park. Our brand new rooms (we were literally the first guests), continuously flowing hot shower water and air temp controlled by the push were welcome sights!

Private Dinner at Huntley Lodge, Big Sky Resort

Our evening entailed doing nothing more that sitting back, relaxing and enjoying authentic, down-home Montana-style cooking! The W family crashed before the sun set!

All About Adventures by Disney

Adventures by Disney are expertly planned and guided group tours visiting 35 destinations across 6 continents.  You can visit the world’s most iconic locations with Disney as your guide and your storyteller, and enjoy experiences, activities, dining and adventures in a way that only Disney can do.  This is not a theme park tour with Mickey Mouse and popcorn buckets.  These are trips around the world where you experience the service and VIP treatment that Disney is known for. 

There are so many ways to follow along on our trip and see why I am so passionate about Adventures by Disney!

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We look forward to a day of adventure in Big Sky tomorrow!


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