Around Atlanta {Belen de la Cruz Empanadas}

On the recommendation of a dear friend with excellent taste in food, we tried Belen de la Cruz empanadas for the first time early this summer and they were amazing!! Belen is an Argentinian mom and Atlanta entrepreneur. Her recipes are fresh and baked with love and walking into her storefront is a breath of fresh air.

We tried a variety of empanadas the first time, getting enough for a small girly gathering and to feed the rest of the family. Our absolute favorites are cheesy beef, squash and chicken cheese. Caprese is at top of my personal list as well. They can be ordered online in advance and cooked to 80% so you can quickly pop them in the oven at home and serve them hot.

Every time we are in the area of one of Belen’s stores, we make a point to stop in. I have not yet tried her desserts, but those are up next! I love finding unique, small businesses and it is always such a pleasure to support them!

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2 thoughts on “Around Atlanta {Belen de la Cruz Empanadas}

  1. Amanda, this is my all time favorite place and it is so close to my house! Belen has been an angel to me and my girls, the first time I walked into the Johns Creek location was just 2 weeks after Ronnie passed, she heard my story and has loved on us so sweetly ever since. Her desserts and empandas are THE BEST!!!

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