Fourth Festivities

We celebrated with a big, festive event here on the third with swimming, BBQ and fireworks. It was one of those parties where I had so much fun and socializing that I failed to take a single picture. I suppose that’s the hallmark of a great time.

We ordered a bunch of BBQ and set that up in the kitchen. Our guests brought apps, sides and desserts and we served those off of the porch.

Honey set up the bar and drinks in the courtyard. The kids swam, played ping pong and cornhole and had a grand time. Adults ate, socialized and watched the Hawks game.

The bar hit was Ina’s Summer Rose Sangria. It’s always a crowd favorite when I make it! I swapped the fruit for pineapple and watermelon stars and handfuls of blueberries.

At dusk we took blankets and sparklers down to the golf course for the spectacular show!

We slept in today and then headed over to my besties for a cookout and swimming! She set me up with a nice shady spot and a fan since I still can’t swim.

Back home, we spent the evening playing ping pong, throwing the baseball and eating leftovers while we felt like we were in the center of a 360 fireworks show with all of the neighbors setting them off.

I hope you and yours enjoyed a safe and happy Fourth!

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