Go Braves

Before we left town we caught our first Atlanta Braves game in two years! It felt SO good to be back!!

Our neighbor organized a suite for us to enjoy before the game! We had drinks, snacks and dinner before first pitch.

And then we were out to cheer on the home team! They didn’t quite pull off the W, but it didn’t damper the fun.

I’m not even a sports fan, per se, but being back in a full stadium on a southern summer night felt glorious! The boys were not happy that it was an adult night, so we owe them a game this fall!

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4 thoughts on “Go Braves

  1. Nothing beats a summer night!🍿🥜🍦🍺 It’s great seeing you back in action! 🏕🦬🌲🌲 If you don’t mind, I’m still fascinated by the natural honey treatment you were last speaking about and am wondering how much longer you used it. 🍯 Thanks, Amanda. Here’s hoping you can now enjoy your gorgeous pool! 💦💦💦💦

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