Atlanta {What’s Your Gusto?}

I tried Gusto for the first time last week and when an errand found me in the neighborhood of one again today, I couldn’t resist! It’s “fast food”, but tasty and feels healthy. Honey and I are both working from home so it feels like a real treat. Not to mention, we get out cheap since we don’t have to feed the ravenous boys if we dine out for lunch.

At any rate, I absolutely devour the Ginger Lime Peanut with Chicken over 1/2 Rice and 1/2 salad. The gist of Gusto is that your sauce determines your toppings. You pick a protein and base from there. Honey loves the Tzatzki Lemon Artichoke with the same protein and base. If I wasn’t such a piglet, I could get two meals out of this.

What’s your favorite fast food? I also enjoy Chick Fil A, Zoe’s, Panera and Chipotle.

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2 thoughts on “Atlanta {What’s Your Gusto?}

  1. That looks so yummy! ! I hope a Gusto opens up near us, soon. We finally had a Chicken Salad Chick open up near us and I tried all of your recommendations and LOVED them all. In addition to the ones you already mentioned, we love Jasmin & Olivz, a yummy, “fast food”, Mediterranean place.

  2. My favorite NEW place is Salata in Halcyon. It’s a new salad bar concept out of Houston. It’s a chain but has been in business since 2005. It’s a fresh bar where you select your own salad, toppings, protein, dressings, soups, sides (carbs), and specialty tea. They have an app and reward program. It’s fresh-healthy and so filling! I love the pesto chicken and pita chips.

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