Back to School Door Decor

I’ve packed up the flags and fish and flower door hangers that were remnants of summer and pulled out the school things!

We were gone so much in July that our house needs some tending to. You can see here that a wind storm blew a vacant bird nest off its perch (upper right). The crepe myrtle, lovely as it is, has created a huge mess on my front walk.

Neither of mine have ridden the bus for a couple of years now, but I will use this for many Augusts to come. I miss those mornings where the neighborhood kids would all play basketball in my driveway while waiting on the bus. Elsa would run wild. Middle school came for John, and then Whit, and I was working full time at home and took advantage of my schedule to use carpool as time for us to connect one on one.

Over at the garage door I have a cute apple. (Note another to-do – reconnect the drain pipe. Anyone else ever feel overwhelmed by all the house things?) Both the bus and the apple are from Bronwyn Hanahan on etsy. I’ve had most of my Bronwyn Hanahan door hangers for a number of years and all have held up wonderfully.

Strangely enough, we only had a couple of folders to buy for school supplies this year. I guess that’s all part of growing up! Middle school is not allowing lockers again this year so we are trying a new method for organizing Whit’s classwork – one that is hopefully not so heavy in the backpack. How is your back to school looking?

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5 thoughts on “Back to School Door Decor

  1. First time college freshman – we don’t have a clue about supplies or anything else! 😅 But he moves in 10 days from now, nonetheless. Rising junior, still homeschooling – he’s ready, good to go, has this down pat.

    Hope this is the best school year yet for the W Fam! xo

  2. Would love to see what you & Whit are trying for organizing. I have a 7th grader.
    Are you Pinning this? Maybe social media reluctant me will follow you

    1. It’s nothing rally pin worthy :-) We are doing plastic folders with pockets – one for each class. He said every time he opened a binder last year all his pages fell out. This is not how I would do it, but he seems pleased so far.

  3. Everything looks cute as always! I am a high school teacher and mom to a 6th grader (the others are out of school) so we are both scrambling right now. The big decision for the morning is whether to go to Target or Walmart for our school supplies! :) Hopefully my son will decide to stick with the same backpack from 5th grade at least!

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