It’s been ages since I did one of these. Here we go….

I laughed so hard when I saw this. I laughed every time I texted it to someone. And I’m laughing right now.

My “treat” after each of my wound care appointments was McCallister’s Deli. I spied it the first time we pulled into the hospital and asked Honey if we could try it. I’d heard such good things. Well, it was SO good that we went every time. While I don’t miss the wound care clinic, I do miss these loaded baked potatoes.

We drove all the way in town to try Mamouns Falafel and it was so good! I wish we had fun things in the burbs. Just a mattress store, bank, retirement home and fro-yo on every corner.

Boys, why is every knife we own in the sink?

Nights like this are everything <3

I’ve had this essential oil blend from my friend Ashley at suit.essentials on IG saved for over a year. I love it and use it a lot. It doesn’t really smell like Grand Floridian to me, but it’s great all the same!

John carried this home on Monday. Honey and I couldn’t be prouder. John went out for this team not expecting to make it and based on total support, encouragement and “training” from his besties. We didn’t get to attend the banquet because he was contact traced at the time. I so wish we had been there when he received this award. It’s going on the Walk of Fame this year. Better late than never!

We watched Jungle Cruise outside in the cabana. It’s so good, y’all! Sister and I are going to Boo Bash in inspired costumes this year.

Another funny. I read this when I was sleeping in a tent in Montana.

Speaking of Montana, we were picking up drinks for a picnic and I chose this for the cute color and delicious ginger lemonade flavor. It wasn’t until I got to the register that I read the yellow sticker and that giant CBD clicked. I returned it to the shelf and we all got a good laugh. Who knows, maybe I should have tried it?!

Hope y’all are having a grand week. Routines feel good here!

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5 thoughts on “Musings

  1. I knew you would love Jungle Cruise! We really thought it was a great movie and not at all what I expected.

  2. Amanda, would you give the post wherein you talked about your spider bite? Somehow I missed the details of what happened to you. I noticed the bandage in one post and the mention of activities being cancelled in others. I am really sorry.

  3. Love the “Dear Friends”….my sentiments exactly. Thankful to see your wound care visits are no more….Congratulations! Missed “Musings”….thanks for catching us up.

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