Friday Night Lights to Gameday Saturday

If I didn’t know better, I’d think I was a football fan. Ha! Don’t care too much about the sport but I love the pomp, circumstance and socializing. We have taken the boys to the high school football games since we moved here 12 years ago. We couldn’t attend in 2020 and neither could our freshman. We gave him a little space this year, heading to games as a sophomore for the first time, and stayed home for the first two. Honey couldn’t stand it any longer and so we spent our Friday night under the lights once again. It was a good time and we managed to not embarrass John at all. :-)

Saturday morning we were off bright and early to cheer on the Yellow Jackets! We started with the band party at SAE. Honey was quite pleased with quality of the party. LOL. :-)

It was a stunning day to be at Bobby Dodd! I always love seeing the Coca-Cola HQ in the distance. So many memories. I grew up here on North Avenue.

Friends, family, football and GEORGIA TECH!

Up with the white and gold!

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5 thoughts on “Friday Night Lights to Gameday Saturday

  1. Hello sweet friend! I love all of your posts. This one caught my attention. Our son is interested in touring GA Tech and Emory. He is a senior and is interested in pre-med. We have heard from several folks that Atlanta is not where you want your child to go to school. I am concerned about the crime. Our son Will is extremely smart and outgoing but has been in a private school at Webb in Knoxville, TN. Just reaching out for any thoughts on GA Tech.

    1. Most big cities have a lot of crime. Even back in the mid/late 90’s when I was at Tech, that was true. However, GT has a true campus and I always felt campus police kept a safe watch on the perimeter. I’d have no qualms sending one of my boys to school there. Now, I also went to grad school at Georgia State and even though it is just a couple of miles away, it felt really different. It doesn’t have a tight campus and there were many nights when I left class terrified. I hope that helps!

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