Twenty Years

Twenty years later and I can still recount exactly where I was on September 11, 2001 at 8:46 AM. It seems like yesterday and an eternity.

I don’t think any adult Americans will ever wake up on September 11 and not remember the events that unfolded that day.  I was at work in downtown Atlanta at Coke and it was terrifying.  We were all gathered around the tv in the conference room on the 11th floor trying to make sense of the horror.  In that moment, coworkers and leaders and interns and strangers and maintenance workers on my floor all became one. The only thing that mattered was each other. Americans first. Americans forever.

We took the boys to ground zero almost two years ago for John’s 13th birthday. It was a sad, chilling and important experience. We had a guide who expertly and sensitively narrated how the events of September 11 unfolded as he walked us through the museum. 

Hearing the stories of the helpers and seeing the beautiful pieces of remembrance were reassurances that there are beautiful, good, kind and wonderful people in this world and that we should be incredibly proud to be Americans.

This week at John’s school, students placed a flat for every life lost that day. I remember the years where I sheltered my boys from this horror. And now, they are full of questions and somber realization that our world is not always as sunny as I try to make it for them. While I miss the days of their innocence, I am grateful that they are growing up to be proud Americans and compassionate gentlemen.

No day shall erase you fro the memory of time. <3 Never forget.

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