Around Atlanta {Crumbl Cookies}

Crumbl Cookies have a variety of locations around Atlanta and are all the rage with the teens and tweens! I first stopped in, thinking I was going to introduce them to something new, when I spied a location near a baseball tournament field. Whit got in the car later and exclaimed “YOU GOT CRUMBL???”. I had a similar reaction from John when I arrived home. I probably should have taken them with me, as I dumbly stood at the register for a solid 3 minutes before I realized I had to place my own order via the ipad. I’m getting old, folks.

Each week, the menu rotates to offer 4-5 different specialty flavors to taste and enjoy. The Milk Chocolate Chip is always available. If you ever catch the peanut butter cup, it’s amazing. I also like the sugar cookie. My boys rave over the Milk Chocolate Chip, but I prefer darker chocolate in mine.

John received some thoughtful and incredible gifts for his confirmation but the one that took the cake – or shall I say cookie – was a GIANT box of Crumbl from by bestie!

Have you tried Crumbl?

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3 thoughts on “Around Atlanta {Crumbl Cookies}

  1. Truly a guilty pleasure! I love the chilled sugar cookies the best….and it’s a great treat to have delivered if they deliver in your area.

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