Listening Lately {For Your Own Good}

I’ve been catching up on things I’ve been reading and listening to lately and have another one to share today! I really enjoyed the audio book of For Your Own Good by Samantha Downing. I loved the setting (prestigious private school), characters (teachers, parents, students) and plot twists in this twisted psychological thriller. I somewhat figured out the ending in advance, but that didn’t detract from the book and I listened to the dead end.

Teddy Crutcher has won Teacher of the Year at the prestigious Belmont Academy, home to the best and brightest. 

He says his wife couldn’t be more proud – though no one has seen her in a while.

Teddy really can’t be bothered with a few mysterious deaths on campus that’re looking more and more like murder or with the student digging a little too deep into Teddy’s personal life. His main focus is pushing these kids to their full academic potential.  

All he wants is for his colleagues – and the endlessly meddlesome parents – to stay out of his way. If not, well, they’ll get what they deserve.

It’s really too bad that sometimes excellence can come at such a high cost.

I have already moved on to my next audio book and love it – Such a Fun Age. Be sure to share what’s captured your attention lately.

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2 thoughts on “Listening Lately {For Your Own Good}

  1. Bought the book as soon as I finished reading this post and read it in about 3 days. Thank you for a great recommendation!

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