One Last Not-A-Spider Update {Fingers Crossed}

Well, I have once again been released from a doctor’s care…. this time from the Infectious Disease specialist.

After about 24 hours of periodically applying moist heat, my latest MRSA boil came to a head. I was in the ID office within an hour and they drained it. It was a painful process including manual pressure and a needle that left a horrific bruise. That said, it offered almost immediate relief!

This time, because I caught it so soon, I had a vastly different experience. The “sting” happened when the spot appeared on 10/30. I started an oral antibiotic and Bactroban in the nose on 11/1. It came to a head and was drained on 11/4.

I had my last follow up visit with the ID doctor today and was released from his care. There is still a hard nodule under the skin, which is scar tissue, and my leg still looks purplish in that spot. My orders are to bathe twice a week with Hibiclens and to use Bactroban in my nose one week of every month. I have a brand new prescription of the oral antibiotic waiting for the moment a future spot pops up. I will use a new razor every time I shave, which is what we believe we traced this all back to. I have not yet investigated sterilizing razors so if anyone has a tip on that, I’m all ears. A new razor every shave sounds so wasteful, but that’s what I’m doing for the short term.

While this latest incident was super scary in the beginning, I am SO thankful that I realized what it was so quickly, for my amazing DR who saw me right away and determined it was MRSA (not a spider), and for getting in to the ID doctor so quickly (they are really in demand these days). I am also grateful for all of your kind words, prayers and support!

Here’s a fun pick from this week when Sis and I stole away for 2 nights to our happy place…

UPDATE: If you really, really want to read the full schedule of events and see the nasty photos, I have created a hidden page that you can access here. I have reached the end of the internet on MRSA photos and information. I was and primarily am interested in what things to visually look out for. I am ONLY sharing this for reference in the hopes that it can help someone down the road. MRSA can be deadly. CLICK WITH CAUTION

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9 thoughts on “One Last Not-A-Spider Update {Fingers Crossed}

  1. I am thrilled for you that this time had a better outcome! Thankful for everything along with you! xo

  2. Seriously and literally, thank you for sharing. We never know what is around the bend, and this is potentially life-saving info for us all! ❤️🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻❤️

  3. Oh Amanda, I hope this is the last of it! I took a peek at the photos – because I’m a hypochondriac and I “need” to know these things. I think it is important to share because you could be saving someone who doesn’t realize how serious it could be. Stay well, my friend!

  4. Reading is one thing but seeing the pictures (while graphic) is something else! Hopefully you will not be subjected to this again but if it happens you are prepared.

    1. I have googled mrsa phases, stages and photos SO many time. My hope is that this timeline will help someone else identify it early and not reach the point where I was in the spring. <3

  5. Sharing your journey with MRSA has made me and our two daughters rethink storage of razors, nail clippers, and pedicure implements. Barbers and hair salons have that familiar jar of blue liquid on their tables to sterilize implements. It’s called Barbicide and on the Christmas list for all of us.

  6. I am glad you are feeling better. When you are well and fully recovered from this episode, could laser hair removal be an option? Prayers for good health this holiday season and no more MRSA!

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