13th Birthday Top Golf Par-Tee!

We celebrated our newly minted teenager ON his birthday with a Par-Tee at Top Golf! It was one of the easiest parties I’ve thrown and everyone – kids and adults – had a blast.

We had two bays for the kids and a third bay for the adults (also John and his bestie). I set up a few easy decorations, including centerpieces on the boy’s two tables and a display on the bar size table behind their bay. I ordered grass squares and topped them with mason jars filled with golf balls. I made to flags or each one and then plopped in a sprig of faux grass. They were pretty inexpensive and turned out really cute! (Sources at end)

As the party guests arrived, they got a name tag with their golfer name. This is a printable I found on pinterest. THANKFULLY, I was telling my bestie all about it the day before. We started finding out the golfer names for ourselves and our families. As we got a few people in, we realized it was not an entirely appropriate game. (Like…. one of my boys was Massive Stiff-Shaft. Yikes! Although I’m sure some teens would have been amused….) I downloaded the file again and edited it using my very limited knowledge of golf and some help from Honey. We ended up with a super cute, all-age friendly game that definitely served to break the ice.

Of course, the main attraction was the golf and the boys got started on their games immediately! I said to Sister about two minutes in that I hoped they didn’t get bored in the 2 hour party. Not a chance of it! They stayed engaged the entire time.

It was smiles like this from start to finish!

The party package included a generous amount of food served up in these darling individual tins. I thought we might have some left over but the kids cleaned it out! We ordered a few additional items for the adult bay. You can also see my centerpieces a little better here.

About 30 minutes before the party ended, this crew came over to sing Happy Birthday. We laughed so hard at the It’s a BOY sign. :-)

The birthday boy wanted completely from scratch cupcakes from his favorite chocolate cake recipe. We decided to go with a homemade buttercream on top so that we could color it green to look like grass. They were quite tasty!

I had a guessing game out that turned out to be a lot of fun as well. The boys did all sorts of shenanigans (including math) to make their best guesses. The prize was a bundle of Christmas candy (that I ordered online at Target and sent my new driver to pick up… this is the life!) that was a huge success and everyone wanted to win. In the end, Jay, Whit AND John were all 4 away from the exact answer. Since I wasn’t going to have either of my own kids win, the prize went to Jay! He was sweet enough to give John and Whit each a box of his candy winnings.

While the boys and men had a blast playing golf, us girls chatted and made sure nobody knocked their teeth out.

These three <3

It was SUCH a fun celebration for Whit and one of the easiest parties I’ve thrown. Kudos to Top Golf for knowing how to flawlessly manage a teen event!


Happy birthday buddy!

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