Bringing Home Anna Dasher

We’ve had SO much joyful, good old fashioned fun with our new bundle of joy. We picked her up on New Years Eve. This was the “first look”. Pure love.

Whit held her most of the two hour drive home, but he begrudgingly let me get a little puppy love too.

She’s quite the little piglet and we affectionately call her Butterball. She is always looking for an opportunity to face dive into Elsa’s food bowl and fill her cheeks up like a chipmunk. HA! Can you even with this face? She looks like a stuffed animal.

My house is completely undone and I call it puppy daycare. I won’t lie…. I cannot wait to get my rugs back and lose the baby gates. It drives me a little batty. We went a solid week with Anna Dasher cordoned off in the kitchen. This meant lots and lots and lots of time spent on the floor with newborn.

We rang in the New Year like this and it felt fun, hopeful and happy.

Anna and Elsa play constantly. They can’t stop, won’t stop. They mouth each other, chase, run circles around the house, play tug of war with the toys and both want to be simultaneously scratched at the moment the exhaustedly collapse. The boys call it “Fight Club”. We end our week with the “Friday Night Smackdown”. It’s a weird amazing life. I never thought I’d have boys and I never thought I’d have a dog. Now I’ve got two of each and feel like the luckiest girl in the world.

As of week one, this was as close as they would get to rest. Yesterday, they were snuggled on the sofa after a long day of playing.

We got Elsa in summer and Anna in winter. Neither are ideal. HA! We’ve had all of two nice days since she came home and made the most of them. Honey designed a strict schedule for Anna. She wakes up with me, goes out, eats breakfast and plays for about an hour. Then it’s nap time in her crib (crate) for two hours. Repeat all day long until her bedtime around 11PM. She slept through the night from day one, so that alone is a huge difference from little miss Elsa who was up multiple times a night through her first birthday.

Anna may be a butterball, but she can wiggle straight under the fence gates so we have to watch her like a hawk outside. She has fallen in the pool once, and jumped in a second time. Oy! Little thing can swim her heart out but it still makes me nervous. When it is even somewhat remotely nice out, we let her off leash after potty for play time. She loves it!

Elsa doesn’t seem to have any mothering instinct, but plays with her like any good sibling would do. Elsa never once in her life played with a toy but picked it up quickly from Anna. They definitely learn from each other.

Anna can now go up and down stairs and jump off the sofa. Her world has expanded to include the den as well. She can’t wait to be able to do all the things Elsa does. :-)

She’s had two vet appointments and was declared “absolutely perfect” both times. There was no doubt in my mind. :-)

And, so, that’s life so far with the Frozen sisters. We couldn’t be happier.

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3 thoughts on “Bringing Home Anna Dasher

  1. We have two doodles- Molly and Rosie. Molly is our first and the same color as Anna and Rosie is white like Elsa!

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