Welcome Anna Dasher

Welcome Anna Dasher! Santa delivered the joyful news and our family officially grew by four feet on the very last day of 2021!!

The sisters fell right into their movie roles. Anna is constantly knocking at the door to play. Elsa is all “Not now, Anna” and “Go away, Anna”. The rest of us are absolutely IN LOVE.

Much how Elsa was originally one of the “Frozen litter”, Anna was one of the “reindeer litter”. Honey and I named her before Santa brought the news (more on that soon). The boys have always talked about having an Anna, but we also loved her reindeer name and weren’t sure if they might prefer to call her Dash. The both immediately agreed she would be known as Anna. She even has the perfect little white stripe in her hair. :-)

Needless to say, our last few days have been full of puppy snuggles and potty training. We can already tell that she’s as smart as can be and will have a feisty little personality. I cannot imagine a happier, more hopeful way to start a new year.

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7 thoughts on “Welcome Anna Dasher

  1. I am so happy for you guys and now Elsa has a new best friend! Truly a great start to 2022. Cheers!

  2. Anna Dasher is precious and clearly has everyone in the family wrapped around her finger! I remember when you were pretty adamant about not wanting a pup and then Elsa quickly became your best pal and constant companion. And we have the same meal on New Year’s Day and have done for around years. Next year we will add the toasts; the grandchildren will think that’s the most fun!

    Happy, healthy 2022!

  3. This is awesome. I also got a second doodle because we loved our first so much. What’s better than one doodle right?! But wait- aren’t you the one who really didn’t want a dog to begin with??? Happens every time! Congrats- she is precious.

  4. How adorable! She looks just like our Penny who turned 7 years old on 1/2. Our Penny is a cavapoo —mix of Charles King Cavalier and mini poodle. What type is Anna?

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