Winter Welcome

I looked for a long time for the perfect thing for our front door in those winter weeks between Christmas and Valentine’s Day before finding this Have Mercy cross a few years ago. I love putting it up at the start of January, and then again for the Easter season.

Seeing the little uplights in this photo reminded me that all of our exterior lighting stopped working after the crazy tornado weather we had last week. Honey is handy but couldn’t figure this one out. We are hoping lightning didn’t strike something.

I chose “peace” and requested that the owner/artist, Elizabeth Warner, add turquoise and tan to the typically all white cross. I love the white and gold for winter. I attached it to a boxwood wreath (Target a few years ago) but have also hung it straight on the door.

My ferns kicked the bucket early last year, so I planted the pansies earlier than normal. Hating how flat they usually look, I went with a rosemary topiary in the middle. I LOVE the look for this winter! And, we’ve clipped rosemary off for various garnishes and recipes.

Over on the side door I have my Bronwyn Hanahan cross this January. It sure was a dreary, cold day. I snapped these just before the drizzle came down.

If you need me, I’ll be snuggled up with my puppies under the heated blanket this evening. Ah… who am I kidding?! These puppies run around like crazy animals. :-)

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One thought on “Winter Welcome

  1. So beautiful, Amanda! I have always admired your Have Mercy cross with your boxwood wreath in the background. I’d love to order one for my own door. Did you order the 18-inch size?

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