It’s been a long, long time since I’ve mused about life as of late. Here goes!

Precious CeeCee was cheering on the Jackets in the stands and got called down for a photo with the gang. HOW CUTE!!!!! Go Tech!! If any of our kids have a chance at GT, it’s probably this one. :-) <3

She came by after rehearsal this weekend and brought the most darling Galentine’s gift. Sister, CeeCee and I now all have the Be Mine earrings and we made a bestie promise to wear them on Feb 14. I’ll have mine in every day between now and then.

My fabulous friend Marla just threw the most amazing New Orleans style wedding for her daughter. If you want a lot of detail and prettiness to pour over, head to her Instagram page. Hit the wedding highlights in her stories.

One of those rare occasions when my child makes it out the door with two shoes… and then there’s this issue.

Hippie night at cotillion is the BEST! No “choking bow ties and horrible pants”. He picked his own outfit straight out of Honey’s drawers. Hmmm…. :-)

My sweet friend L gathered together a few ladies for Sunday sips, snacks and crafting. I adore these girls and their friendships.

I took these of the pups to go inside of mine!!

My favorite mornings are the ones that start with a orthodontist checkup and lead to skipping first period for breakfast out with mom!

Love this friend and this sign.

I also adore her daughter who brought the most thoughtful gifts to Anna and Elsa. Her attention to detail in everything from the colors of the toys (blue for Elsa, green for Anna) to the ribbon that tied them up is incredible.

Another oldie that randomly popped up. Somebody earned an Academic Letter his freshman year. I’m sure he’d prefer an athletic letter but I think we can all agree this kind gets most people further in life. :-)

We’ve been binge puzzling. The first two we picked up this summer out West. The third was a hideously torturous puzzle that’s going straight to my puzzle exchange once I organize it. :-) The clouds and sky were horrible! Ha!

The rest of my Saturday night will consist of lounging on the sofa with the pups and Honey!!! Happy weekend, friends!

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