Our At Home Family Valentine’s Day

We enjoyed a lovely Valentine’s Day dinner at home with the boys and I wouldn’t change a thing about the night!

I created a delicious Lavender Rose 75, perfect for Valentine’s Day but also something I expect to enjoy all Spring long! I’ll share the recipe this week!

We had a lengthy dinner, waiting on John to get home from lacrosse practice. After cocktails we moved to cheese and charcuterie. The edible rose petals were a beautiful addition to both the cocktails and the cheese!

We soaked in the hot tub, listened to Ina’s Favorite Love Songs playlist on Apple Music (it’s good!) and watched the pups play while Honey grilled steaks. He gave me two chairs I had my eye on back when we finished the pool. I don’t think this is the final location, but it’s fine for now! They are super comfy.

We dined together in the kitchen – with no fancy table setting at all, I think I wore flat out – and it was perfect! Honey got all the sides this morning from Whole Foods.

It was a wonderful night. I’m thankful for Valentine.

Hope you enjoyed a wonderful day!

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