Celebrating Easter {Spring Mini Tour of the Den}

Let’s hop in to the den to see a few little Easter touches today!

Now that Anna Dasher is potty trained, I put my rugs back, washed all the blankets, and freshened up for Spring.

On the coffee table I have a little flower arrangement, a favorite candle from a past trip and a few magazines. I remembered to add my statue of Mary for Easter just after I snapped the first photo.

All the boys in the family have been complaining that they needed somewhere to put their feet while using these chairs. I went so far as to send Honey some links to recliners (gulp), but he didn’t love the price tag. Ha! I found a pair of inexpensive foot stools on Amazon and stained the bases to go more with my style. I also added new spring pillow covers from Jenny Steffens Hobick.

Like last year, I set up the banquette with an Easter puzzle! A friend sent it to me and I immediately fell in love because it brought back memories of our Easter in D.C. a few years ago.

Here’s a broader view of that wall of the den.

We got a new TV that displays art last year. I will share more soon. I love changing it out seasonally. I also swapped out the stack of books I used to have here for an acrylic book stand and a family photo album.

While the rugs are back, I still have the baby gates up! A friend gave me another set of prayer beads for my birthday. I wrapped both sets around this lamp that I haven’t been loving. It goes a long way to making it look better.

And, finally, a couple of shots of the babies. Anna is easy to spot. Elsa is a little more hidden.

That concludes my Easter decor tour!

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