Elsa Belle Celebrates Seven

Our first born pup celebrated her seventh birthday earlier this month!

Even as a teen, Whit is very much involved in the planning and execution of her big day and I love it.

In past years he has had me pick up cupcakes at a bakery or bake some special treat for her. I was quite pleased when he spied these cute cookies in Target. :-)

I added the goldendoodle stir sticks to an order I was placing at Acrylic Sticks because I KNEW they would make his day. They did. I served raspberry lemonade for the human party-goers.

We sang happy birthday and the dogs gobbled up their goodies.

Thank you to Elsa for bringing so much joy, love, affection, happiness and laughs to our lives. Our family wouldn’t be the same without you. These are the days!

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