Buzzing Into Summer {Last Day of School Supper}

I used to kick off the first moments of summer with a snack immediately following the Walk of Fame. With the boys coming and going at different times from school the past few years, I moved it to a last day of school supper! It usually takes one little spark of an idea to come up with the theme. This year, it was the darling bee donuts at Krispy Kreme. What I didn’t realize is that they were only here for a limited time and had already buzzed out of stores by our last day. :-)

I served a simple supper full of bee and honey themed items on the porch. I made lavender and honey simple syrups to flavor lemonade for a refreshing sip.

Our “entree” was ham biscuits drizzled with honey or topped with honey mustard.

I made simple skewers of pineapples and grapes to mimic bees.

The highlight was a divine pound cake! I have a LOT of bee items that I’ve collected over the years for Georgia Tech tailgates and celebrations. I made a vanilla pound cake and glazed it with lavender simple syrup. It was so good! The cake pans are both old – I don’t have sources.

I reuse basic party decor over and over again. Y’all have likely seen this chalkboard, letter board and table cloth fifteen times over the years. I try to collect versatile items that I can use for all celebrations.

It was a lovey start to summer!

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2 thoughts on “Buzzing Into Summer {Last Day of School Supper}

  1. I always love your ideas and seeing it all coming together. Seeing the repurposed items even adds to that! Thank you Amanda!

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