It’s Honey’s Birthday

The guy we call Honey and Dad is celebrating his birthday today!! I know I say it often, but he is the most patient, kind, laid-back, level headed man I’ve ever known. He takes such good care of his little family and we all know, without a doubt, that there is nothing he wouldn’t do for us. He is often the voice of reason as we navigate parenting two teenagers and two puppies. He works hard all day, but has never once complained about chipping in at home as well. At an age where our friends are increasingly faced with the lemons in life (illness, divorce, losing children, aging parents, etc.), I feel luckier and more blessed than ever to have this man by my side.

We are away celebrating our anniversary this weekend, but I have a special birthday surprise in store for him too! It will be low key and relaxed, just like the man we were celebrating today. <3

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One thought on “It’s Honey’s Birthday

  1. Happy Birthday to Honey and many more! Also Happy Anniversary to you both! I feel as grateful and lucky as you Amanda to have a wonderful and loving husband by my side. We have both family and close friends who have been dealt some cruel lemons in the last few years and to have someone by your side who is there to support and love you means the world.

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