It’s been quite a while since I shared a random collecting of pictures and thoughts.

Mother occasionally sends me one of these perfume sets and I LOVE THEM! The tiny bottles are perfect for travel and I love trying a variety of scents. She is so thoughtful. <3

At day care, they tag the leashes so they know who they belong to. After Anna Dasher’s first visit, I actually LOLd when I saw what they wrote on hers. I have no idea what they mean by “tt”, but based on what I know of this girl and how I use the term “tt”, the shoe absolutely fits.

My baby is so big. Both of them are, but the other one is much pickier about what photos I share of him. :-)

I’ve been taking my coffee out to the cabana on the days when I don’t have to dive right into work. I sat under this double rainbow for a long, long time marveling at God’s creative beauty and awe-inspiring promise.

Honey and I have become very close to a family we met through John. (I marvel at that blessing too!) We did a double date a few weeks ago and I was served the most beautiful cocktail! I’m going to remember the rose petal and mini clothes pin.

My midnight snackers. I stayed up late one night reading on the sofa and caught them in action. This was after a full dinner and a fully cleaned kitchen. Also, John ordered a few college shirts to “try them out”. He put this one on, grinned like the Cheshire Cat and said “I basically just committed to Auburn.” War Eagle, as they say! :-)

Anna Dasher got fixed and then spent a few days at the vet. Her report card made me smile. If she had a baby book, this would go in it. Instead, it went in Whit’s memory box.

A sweet client that I consider a friend sent me this and it is tooooo perfect! I love the colors, needlepoint, size and saying. Thank you MR.

When Honey moved his office from the guest room to the living room, I lost my laundress. (The laundry room is in the guest suite.) It seriously gets out of hand and momma can’t get anything done with this baby around.

I love having teenagers. I am so thankful for this crew of amazing kids and marvel at how well they love each other.

I hate my WalMart but sometimes I have to go. This was my reward!

Watching a summer storm roll in. It’s the best!

I hope you all have a magical week!

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