New Jersey {Princeton: Jammin Crepes, Thunder Lacrosse, Dinner in Philly}

Well, all good trips do come to an end.

Cape May
Congress Hall Hotel, Washington Street Mall, Verandah Bar, Rusty Nail, Uncle Charley’s Ice Cream
Uncle Bill’s Pancake House, Shore Day, Verandah Bar, Blue Pig Tavern, Peace Pie, Brown Room
Cape May Lighthouse, The Lobster House

Princeton University Tour, Blue Point Grill, The Bent Spoon
Jammin’ Crepes, Thunder Lacrosse, Hoagie Haven, Princeton Cemetery, La MezzaLuna, Halo Pub
Jammin’ Crepes, Thunder Lacrosse, Dinner in Philly

We spent our last day in Princeton primarily cheering on Thunder ATL. We enjoyed Jammin Crepes on the sideline, unable to resist their yummy goodness even as much as we like trying new things.

We flew in and out of Philly and made our requisite stop at Dalessandro’s for steaks. We’ve tried them all and these are our unanimous favorites!

We sure did love our visit to New Jersey and have already put the pins in our USA travel map back home! My only regret is that I could not, for the life of me, find a Princeton ornament for our Christmas tree. This is the ONLY place we’ve been where we didn’t have one to bring home. If any of you live there and have an idea of where I could order one, I’m all ears.

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3 thoughts on “New Jersey {Princeton: Jammin Crepes, Thunder Lacrosse, Dinner in Philly}

  1. Yay – so glad you had a nice visit! If I wasn’t so busy with graduation parties and such, I would have swung by to say hello! Regarding the Princeton ornament, if you can’t find one on the University store website (as it gets closer to Christmas), then check out – it’s a great store just up the street from Palmer Square. They do have a couple ornaments on their website among other fun things! Enjoy your week!

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