New Jersey {Cape May: Uncle Bill’s, Shore Day & Congress Hall Resort}

I tell you what, the sun comes up early here in New Jersey. Reminds me of being in Maine last week! It made for a full day of fun in Cape May. Honey and I were up a couple of hours before the boys and headed to Tommy’s Folly Cafe for our morning coffee.

Cape May
Congress Hall Hotel, Washington Street Mall, Verandah Bar, Rusty Nail, Uncle Charley’s Ice Cream
Uncle Bill’s Pancake House, Shore Day, Verandah Bar, Blue Pig Tavern, Peace Pie, Brown Room
Cape May Lighthouse, The Lobster House

Princeton University Tour, Blue Point Grill, The Bent Spoon
Jammin’ Crepes, Thunder Lacrosse, Hoagie Haven, Princeton Cemetery, La MezzaLuna, Halo Pub
Jammin’ Crepes, Thunder Lacrosse, Dinner in Philly

We carried it out to the rocking chairs on the verandah of the Grand Lawn at Congress Hall. The birds chirped, the waves crashed just beyond us and it was a pretty magical morning.

Uncle Bill’s Pancake House

The boys woke up ravenous, as always, and had spied Uncle Bill’s yesterday. We understand Uncle Bill’s to be a Cape May institution and it didn’t disappoint. The service was friendly (everyone here has been friendly!), the pancakes fluffy and the coffee hot.

Our “Shore” Day

As for the rest of the day, it was spent soaking up the salt air, sun and sand on the shore. It was absolutely marvelous. The water was way too cold for us, but that didn’t put a damper our fun. (There were no swimming flags out, but lots of people swam…) We saw countless dolphin, read many chapters in our books and enjoyed lunch in our tent. Clouds in the morning made way to bright sunshine by afternoon. We spent seven full hours enjoying it!

Evening at Congress Hall

After cleaning up in the room, Honey and I headed off to happy hour back at the Verandah Bar on the Grand Lawn.

The boys joined us for a delicious alfresco dinner at Blue Pig Tavern.

Peace Pie

And our sweet ending was ice cream sandwiches at Peace Pie. YUM!

Brown Room

Honey and I decided to eek out every last minute of this gorgeous day, and ended our night in the Brown Room at Congress Hall for some live music. This stylish lounge occupies the same spot as Congress Hall’s first legal post-Prohibition cocktail bar. I would love to decorate my living room just like this gorgeous space.

We’re still absolutely smitten with Cape May! We unanimously agreed it’s our favorite beach town we’ve been to!

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One thought on “New Jersey {Cape May: Uncle Bill’s, Shore Day & Congress Hall Resort}

  1. Read the Sunshine Sisters books by Jennifer Probst. They are all set in Cape May.

    Enjoying following along.

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