New Jersey {Cape May: Lighthouse & Lobster House to Princeton: Exploring & Blue Point}

We woke up to another stunning Cape May morning. I was already feeling sad about leaving the moment I cracked my eyes open! The boys slept in Honey and I headed out for one last coffee on the shore.

Cape May
Congress Hall Hotel, Washington Street Mall, Verandah Bar, Rusty Nail, Uncle Charley’s Ice Cream
Uncle Bill’s Pancake House, Shore Day, Verandah Bar, Blue Pig Tavern, Peace Pie, Brown Room
Cape May Lighthouse, The Lobster House

Princeton University Tour, Blue Point Grill, The Bent Spoon
Jammin’ Crepes, Thunder Lacrosse, Hoagie Haven, Princeton Cemetery, La MezzaLuna, Halo Pub
Jammin’ Crepes, Thunder Lacrosse, Dinner in Philly

Eventually, we moved from the rockers at Congress Hall to a bench in Washington Street Mall. It was peaceful and quiet before the shops opened for the day.

Cape May Lighthouse

We packed up, loaded up and headed off to the Cape May Lighthouse. Dating to 1859 and still active to aid navigation, the Cape May Lighthouse is listed in the State and National Registers of Historic Places.

Two of the four of us avoid heights when possible, so we did not climb to the top. Instead, we entertained ourselves with the snakes of New Jersey exhibit. (ew)

The Lobster House

Our last lunch in Cape May at The Lobster House was soooooo good and definitely the clear family favorite. We dined outside on the dock at the Raw Bar, enjoying the salt air, freshest seafood, and hustle and bustle of the busy dock.

I tried the Cape May Brewery Crushin It and sure wish I’d discovered it earlier in the trip. Yum!! We shared oysters, crabs , the “famous” crab soup and a platter of fried scallops. Everything was delicious!

Princeton University Walking Tour

We arrived in Princeton right at check-in, dropped our bags and headed off to explore. We did the 1 hour Orange Key walking tour via our phones on an app called Adora, created by Princeton students. It was a neat way to see the gorgeous university! I should mention that we aren’t in Princeton for a college visit, but rather for a lacrosse tournament. :-)

Blue Point Grill Dinner

John headed off with friends in downtown Princeton for dinner and dessert, while the rest of us sat down to another divine seafood meal at Blue Point Grill. This one was just as exceptional as lunch, but different other than the oyster starter. We dined al fresco on the covered sidewalk and loved the people watching in this historic college town. Adjacent to their top-rated Nassau Street Seafood & Produce Company, Blue Point Grill prints their dinner menu daily based on the fresh catch. I enjoyed a delightful red snapper, while Honey had a yellowfin tuna. Both were excellent! (Whit had chicken. And then proceeded to have “just a bite” after bite after bite of our fish.) For the oysters, we did three each of the three New Jersey oysters, and then let our server pick the rest. Yum yum yum!

The Bent Spoon

We walked back down Nassau Street to end our evening at The Bent Spoon in Palmer Square. You know, it would be a shame to break our vacation local ice cream streak. We passed a couple other ice cream options on our walk, but the line here was clear down the block, so we knew we’d picked the right spot. I had a scoop of farm grown lavender mascarpone over a scoop of organic New Jersey strawberry. I really hadn’t planned to eat the whole thing, but by the time I finished not a drop was left and it was in my hair and on my skirt. Talk about a little piggie. LOL

Sweet dreams!

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One thought on “New Jersey {Cape May: Lighthouse & Lobster House to Princeton: Exploring & Blue Point}

  1. I knew you would love Cape May and all its seaside charm! I had a feeling since you were traveling as a family you would stay at Congress Hall. I am so glad you did eat at the Lobster House which several of us recommended to you and that it didn’t disappoint. We found the water was too cold for our liking when we visited as well and that was in mid-July!

    I hope you got to tour around and see some of the gorgeous Victorian homes which are maintained so beautifully.

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