Orchestra Concert

Orchestra concerts are back at the middle school and we couldn’t be happier about that! Sixth grade was a slow start – they were virtual for much of the first semester and didn’t get to play like usual. But now, at the end of seventh grade, they sound AMAZING and it was like they didn’t miss a beat.

My handsome cellist has always had natural musical talent and loves to play at school. He gravitates to sports at home – basketball in the driveway, agility ladder in the yard, light weights in the basement – but I love that he also loves the arts, music, movies, broadway, and playing the cello.

The kids were SO proud to show off what they’ve learned and how much progress they made. These three have been together for years and are the sweetest, kindest friends.

I’m nearly done wrapping up the school year here on the blog. Just one more thing to share. :-)

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