Red, White and Blue Inside Too

It’s a scorcher outside, so come on in for a mini-tour of my indoor patriotic decor!

The first thing you’ll notice is sweet Elsa girl napping. Kidding! I’m guessing it was the giant flag on the mantle. I don’t know if I LOVE this here, but Sister came over right after I hung it and didn’t snarl at it so it can’t be horrible. You can always count on your sister for the cold hard truth, right?!

We purchased and flew this flag over Fort McHenry last summer and I believe it will always be a special memento of that vacation. I hate to hang it outside where the weather and elements will take a toll. And so, here it is front and center!

{Our Baltimore Trip, including Fort McHenry}

I put out my summer anchor throw pillows on the sofa and in the chairs. They are from Everyday Occasions.

Elsa moved herself to make it in another shot. That’s basically her routine, move from pillow to sofa to dog bed while staying nearby mom. Meanwhile, the hot mess express (aka Anna Dasher) is probably tromping through the pool before coming in drenched or shredding a stick on a rug. :-)

I employed of my blue and white containers for flowers and reuse the flags every year. I meant to print a family photo from DC or Fort McHenry to frame here but forgot. Next year.

I was so excited to pull out our Vineyard Vines patriotic puzzle from Target a few years back! We’ve been gone so much that nobody has had time to start it.

Moving on to the kitchen, I’ve got a similar arrangement and some “on theme” fruit. I love this spot for flowers because they can be enjoyed from the den and kitchen.

I am using patriotic Happy Everything and Nora Fleming attachments on the frame and bowl in the kitchen. The limited edition patriotic Oreo’s have Pop Rocks in them and are strangely delicious. I was hoping I’d hate them.

I set up for lemonade and coffee here. The boys and their friends are still making raspberry lemonades and now stirring them with a dum dum. I love it! A sweet friend gave me the tray for my birthday.

Again, more of the same flowers on the kitchen table. I thought dum dums would be a cute, festive little treat for my fish cups this month. Y’all know I love my seasonal candy. I just couldn’t bring myself to do peppermints.

I’ll share the porch tomorrow!! Come back, y’all!

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3 thoughts on “Red, White and Blue Inside Too

  1. I think your flag looks perfect hanging on the mantle! Love all your patriotic decor and was wondering where you found your blue and white tray at the coffee station?

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