The Delightful Home {Frame TV & Jordan Connelly Studio}

I am so, so behind on so many things on the blog! Our TV died last fall and, after much research by Honey and pleading by me, we replaced it with a Frame TV. Heated mattress pad aside, I have never been more in love with something with a plug.

I hated the giant black box that was the old TV. I mean, it honestly adds zip to the look and feel of a room. We don’t watch TV all that often, so most of the time it was just that – a black rectangle on the wall.

We were able to go up a size from the previous TV, which Honey loved. Installing it took mere minutes. He already had holes in the wall to hide the cords from when we moved in, so that was handled. However, the cord it comes with is small and clear so if cutting into drywall and fishing wires isn’t your thing, do not stress. He had also added a shelf to the sideboard (you can see it above the stool) many years ago, so that is where we keep the box.

I love that the TV is ultra thin and actually looks like art. When we bought it, there was a deal for a free frame. It was cherry wood plastic and I used this tried and true technique to turn it gold.

It is quite easy to swap the art on the TV, and I’ve done so seasonally. Most of my pieces have come from etsy for a couple of dollars each – I now have Halloween, fall, Christmas and winter in my gallery.

My MOST favorite was a worth-every-penny splurge. Jordan Connelly Studio sells absolutely stunning art just for the Frame TV. I have enjoyed and admired this $65 piece of art for the past seven months, and nearly all of our guests have commented on it!

It will probably be ten more years before I write another post about a TV. But this one is worth it.

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2 thoughts on “The Delightful Home {Frame TV & Jordan Connelly Studio}

  1. Hi Amanda,

    We have been debating getting the frame for awhile. One thing we have wondered is how do you connect the cable box to the tv if you want to avoid drilling into the wall and pulling the wires through? We live in New Orleans and have plaster walls which makes going through wall very complex. Just love your coastal art on it—so perfect!

    1. The tv actually comes with a thin clear cord so you really don’t need to drill through walls. The cord is very unobtrusive!

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