Anna Dasher is nine months old and such a joy. We were able to get rid of the baby gate, which has been just as life changing as when we got rid of it after baby Whit. :-) Elsa loves her little sis as much as she can. They get along wonderfully.

Anna also had her first big groom. She looks SO cute with her short hair and must feel like she has a new lease on life in these dog days of summer.

John has the best friends. I am so thankful for this crew.

Early morning walks have meant starting my day like this.

And also like this! I see deer every single morning.

I thoroughly enjoyed this at our oyster roast. She found it at Serenbe and I am on the hunt to find it closer to home.

Our favorite sushi place has sushi shots. And they are amazing.

I usually only bring home ornaments as trip souvenirs but couldn’t resist this key chain. I loved Cape May so much!

CeeCee got her point shoes! She is so excited. She also got her part in the Nutcracker – a party girl!!!!!

I posted this on my IG and got so many messages. John dropped a pair of jeans on the counter last week (bought with his own money and on a shopping trip with friends) and needed me to turn them into jorts. They don’t need us the way they did when they were little, but they still need us. :-) They were for the cowboy theme at their first football game.

Honey and I worked the concession stand at said game. Such a fun way to see the kids!

We also had open house at both schools last week. First time we’d stepped foot in the high school (since Honey graduated, of course.) Afterwards we went out for cookie dough and ice cream. We kept saying how much Whit would love it so the very next day we surprised him by busting him out of school early and taking him for a treat. I’ll never regret doing things like this.

I saw this on line and actually laughed out loud. You probably need to be from Savannah to appreciate the humor, the accuracy and the fact that we have zero shame.

This one also made me laugh. This is Mother’s “Fluffers” in a nut shell.

I also want to wish Marme and Daddy-O a very HAPPY FIFTY-THIRD ANNIVERSARY!

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3 thoughts on “Musings

  1. Okay I am not from Savannah but having been to both Hilton Head Island and Tybee Island I get the John Daly/Tiger Woods comparison and it was hilarious! Congratulations also to your Mom and Dad on their 53rd anniversary.

  2. Oh my gosh, the jorts!!! My son is almost 24 and I still chuckle when I think of his high school dress up days. My Sophie is the same age as John, so I still get to see plenty of high school antics. Looks like you’re enjoying this new stage of life with your boys.

  3. I always love Musings posts – so fun to catch up. 53 YEARS for Marme and Daddy-O! Wow! Congratulations! đź–¤ xo

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