Summer Hydrangeas

The only sad part about digging up the back yard to put in the pool a couple of years ago was losing my two beloved Annabelle hydrangeas. I grew those beauties from baby plants and was so proud of them. When it came time to landscape around the pool, our designer presented a gorgeous Italian themed garden plan. I sent them back to the drawing board and said I wanted a simple, Southern garden full of magnolias, tea olives, hydrangeas and gardenias.

Two short years later and the hydrangeas are in full bloom! I couldn’t be happier!

They likely started blooming while we were away earlier in July and some are already turning. But I had to capture them regardless. The plastic alligator was a remnant from when the boys were little. The landscapers dug it up in the yard and sat it on the deck. It tends to move around now and is quite the conversation piece.

Right after these pics, I cut a bunch to bring inside!

They also line the far side of the pool deck, and down the cabana railing.

I didn’t pick up or clean up a thing for these photos – so you can see the “real life” state here with a leaning umbrella, pillows everywhere and corn hold boards standing up. Oh, and my rug out drying on the rebounder in the driveway – it was time to clean it!

Hope you’re enjoying the dog days of summer!

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4 thoughts on “Summer Hydrangeas

  1. Thank you for being “real”! I did not see it until you mentioned it! Thank you for all you post! I just LOVE your blog!! Keep posting!!

  2. So, are these also Annabelle hydragenas? You probably told but I missed it. Also, do you cut these back or not? Absolutely beautiful.

    1. No, I used to have Annabelle. These are limelight, I believe. We didn’t cut them back last year since they were brand new and so small. We will definitely cut these back – probably in the fall based on my limited research.

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