Georgia Tech Football & Cute Spirit Wear

Last Thursday we headed down to GT for our annual Thursday night game v Virginia. It has always been a game we look forward to! It’s always a fun way to jump start a weekend. Per usual, we started the night at the SAE house.

Before heading in to Bobby Dodd Stadium.

Georgia Tech fans will know that there is NO good spirit wear. I have hopefully scoured local shops for almost 25 years to no avail. I turned to etsy this year and have received SO MANY compliments on my finds. If you’re a fan of the Jackets, check these out.

Beaded Bag Straps (You might need to message her for GT)
Custom Earrings
Clear Stadium Bag

Go Jackets! THWG!

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4 thoughts on “Georgia Tech Football & Cute Spirit Wear

  1. Do you listen to the Big Boo Podcast? Sophie and Melanie are huge college football fans. They mention MANY online shops offering custom school merch for ladies. I know you love your crime podcasts :) but Sophie and Melanie are like listening in on two BFFs having coffee. They discuss books, shows, etc… my favorite part is their 5 favorites each week. Sometimes I skip their football talk and go straight to their 5 favorites. I highly recommend them!

    “The Big Boo Cast” podcast

    1. Just have to chime in and say they are my absolute favorites! My niece and nephew went to the school Sophie worked at and she is as big of a delight in person as she is on the podcast. They have kept me company on many dog walks, road trips and while I cook!!!

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