I Love {Instead of Flowers}

Just after Christmas and before we rang in 2023, a sweet friend offered us a meal delivered from Instead of Flowers. It was absolutely wonderful and one of the biggest treats of the season!

We decided to use our special delivery for a gourmet meal and game night! I set the table earlier in the day, which was a fun little activity to do knowing I didn’t have to cook. :-)

We were able to choose the meals we wanted and set up courier delivery right to our front door on the day of our choice. I got a text saying our meal had arrived and rushed out to find this fun sight! Inside and carefully packed was our meal for four. Each meal contains a salad, bread, entree with sides and dessert.

Quick heat and eat instructions were provided. I loved that everything was prepared quickly and I was able to do it all at the same oven temp.

While our main course heated, I plated and served the salad. We chose the Spinach Salad with Warm Bacon Dressing and it was absolutely delicious! There was a little dressing left and I enjoyed on my lunch salad the next day.

Each entree is portioned to serve two and there are so many to choose from! After pouring through the site, we all decided on the 6 oz. Filet Mignon with Bordelaise Sauce. We loved the sides suggested with this meal – Potatoes Au Gratin and Steamed Asparagus – but you do have the ability to swap out for something else. Everything was absolutely delicious! I had enough left for my lunch the next day too!

For dessert, we did one with Butterscotch Bars and one with Cheesecake Squares. Both were tasty, but I’m still thinking about the butterscotch bars!

As for the rest of our evening, we played our new game – Sequence – late into the night!

I cannot recommend Instead of Flowers enough. The entire process was flawless and it was a huge treat to enjoy this type of meal at home without lifting much of a finger. I will definitely be using them when I need to deliver a meal to someone and I think Honey and I would have been huge fans back with the boys were tiny and at-home date nights were the main way we connected and celebrated!

On top of all that, Instead of Flowers is a small Atlanta-based business!

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One thought on “I Love {Instead of Flowers}

  1. I use Instead of Flowers all the time for friends who are ill, death in family, etc. More appreciated than flowers. I know the food is yummy and so convenient. Glad you got to experience it.

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