I Love {Scentsy}

I fell down the rabbit hole of Scentsy last fall and have just been enjoying it SO much! It was this gorgeous Cinderella Castle wax warmer that had me at hello.

I keep it in my office and love that I can enjoy an amazing fragrance without burning a candle 24/7. I do still love a candle in the evening for ambiance, of course. The Castle is back in stock, which is what prompted me to share today. But, it has already sold out a few times and I hear it is not coming back again. That makes sense, with the 50th anniversary celebrations drawing to a close in about 6 weeks.

Link to Castle HERE >> You can pick my name in step 2 of checkout!

The EARidescent brick is currently sold out so you’ll want to pick another scent to warm in your Castle. :-)

At the holidays, I enjoyed another darling Disney themed warmer in my office. It was SO cute and the lights on the tree lit up and changed colors.

But I’ll have this beauty going at least until I pick something new for Halloween 2023!

My consultant, Maggie, is a friend of a friend and has been so helpful to me in learning about Scentsy. She set up a scentsy “party” for me back in October and it will be live until the end of January. Y’all know I don’t do this often, and only for things I truly love and bought with my own money, but picking my name in step 2 of checkout will earn me Scentsy dollars and some half off items. :-) My next purchase will be a more reasonable, more conservative wax warmer for my kitchen!

Link to Castle HERE
You can pick my name in step 2 of checkout!

Hope your week is magical! My little castle definitely adds magic to my every work day!

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One thought on “I Love {Scentsy}

  1. I love this concept! I’m a huge Disney fan, and I live somewhere that doesn’t allow candles, so maybe I need to look into this. Love your aesthetic, and thanks for sharing info about this cute gem!

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