Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day School Night Supper {Corned Beef Sandwiches}

Corned beef and swiss sandwiches on marble rye from the bakery is one of my boys favorite meals. And, it couldn’t be easier. I do plan to make a corned beef brisket later in the week so for this is just ordered deli meat and cheese. While they were both at after school activities I made a big platter of half sandwiches and served it with chips and carrots. Mayo on the side because one loves everything slatered and the other can barely be in the same room with it. :-)

I’m using three of my Happy Everything pieces here. I love this stuff, as I’m sure y’all have gathered, and I use it all the time. The shamrock plates and cups were from WalMart a decade ago. The cute napkins were a dollar spot score at Target two years back (they are bandanas).

I hope you have a great week ahead. I’m travelling for work mid-week, prom is next weekend and both kids have multiple games and activities. Buckling up :-)

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