Daily Delight {Blue & White Bedroom Tour}

As much as I love still photos, I also appreciate a video to get the real feel of a space. And so, I invite you inside our blue and white bedroom today!

Of course, if you prefer to pour over pictures, I have those too! You can find them on this recent post:

This makes me want to dive into bed for the rest of the day, shirking all responsibilities. But, alas, duty calls.

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2 thoughts on “Daily Delight {Blue & White Bedroom Tour}

  1. LOVE the garden stool. I have been wanting blue and white pots for my front porch, but have had a heck of a time finding some that are the right dimensions and not 800 dollars. But looking at this, I bet a blue and white garden stool might be the ticket. I can put that between my rocking chairs and still get a bit of what I’m going for. Hmm. Thanks!

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