Prom 2023 {Enchanted Garden Dinner}

My role in helping the kids organize for prom was planning their dinner! There were a few proms in our area on the same night and we knew finding a restaurant that could seat 24 on a Saturday would be tough. And so, I set everything up for the kids to have dinner at the club immediately following their photos! I wanted it to be special and memorable for them and decided to go with the same “Enchanted Garden” theme that the dance was using. Since the club was handling most everything, I simply put together centerpieces for their three tables. Sister was an angel and did the heavy lifting putting them together day-of while I helped John get out the door. I regret that I didn’t get a photo of the whole room, but here are the beautiful memories Sister captured.

There were three tables, with 7-8 seated at each table. Not wanting to spend too much, I primarily used items I had at home already, either from my decor or past parties.

  • Table scarfs – Mother was kind enough to make these for me with fabric I found on Spoonflower
  • Lanterns – from my collection – two from a local shop and one from Target (I believe they still carry)
  • Vases – from my collection – old Pottery Barn and Target
  • Flowers – Trader Joe’s
  • Napkins – Amazon (the club didn’t have dark green and buying was cheaper than renting)
  • Fireworks Table Lamp – from my collection but current on Amazon (tied this ribbon on them)
  • Wood rounds – large ones from my collection, small rounds from Hobby Lobby
  • Moss – Hobby Lobby
  • Place Cards – Hester & Cook
  • Everything else – provided by club

Since we were doing pre-selected plated dinners to keep everything as easy as possible, I had to denote for the servers who was getting what. Hence, the small C for chicken on John’s card. I hand-lettered their names with a sharpie.

One of my favorite details and the biggest (also tastiest) splurge of the night were these absolutely amazing cupcakes by Bohemian Robsidy. This is the third time I’ve used her in four months after finding her at a farmer’s market in the fall. Her treats are divine and are so beautiful that it’s hard to believe they are edible. I sent her a photo of the place cards and she made these to match.

Sister has such a wonderful eye and took these of John and Camden’s flowers.

And, just like that, they were prom bound! (Another mom took on the task of organizing the bus)

Meanwhile, the prom planning moms were spent the evening doing this! I have never in my life seen kids change their minds and their plans more than in the past month. :-)

It was a great night for all!

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2 thoughts on “Prom 2023 {Enchanted Garden Dinner}

  1. I have no doubt that the mom-planned pre-prom activities were more wonderful than any other prom nights.

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