Prom 2023 {Junior Picture Party}

In the absolute blink of an eye, John and his group of incredible young people were off to their Junior prom. Where does the time go? With tireless help from the “prom planning moms”, the kids started at our club for pictures on the golf course. They then moved inside for a lovely dinner. Afterwards, they boarded a bus to the dance (in town). The bus drove them around a bus, took them to the dance, and then dropped them off at the after party (at a friend’s house). I’ll share all of the details in the next couple of days, but had to start with these incredible pictures taken by Sister. She’s become the photographer for their little group, capturing their most precious memories for them to enjoy for decades to come. It means the world to us <3.

Like the past few dances, John attended in a large group with a sweet friend as his “date”.

I love these guys so much. Some have known each other since they were just three, with them really forming a bond in seventh grade!

The girls made for a stunning group in their beautiful gowns!

They call this the “core group”, friends through thick, thin, a global pandemic and SO MUCH MORE.

The kids were so excited they were even willing to take pictures with their parents. The second photo is of the lacrosse boys with their mamas.

After a few more shots, they headed upstairs for dinner!

For old time’s sake, this was the dance we were attending 10 years and 1 month ago.

The blink of an eye.

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6 thoughts on “Prom 2023 {Junior Picture Party}

  1. Oh my gosh, how it is possible?! John and my Sophie are the same age, and Sophie will be attending her junior prom in a couple weeks. (Although we will most likely have snow still on the ground here in South Dakota!) Aren’t you so thankful that he has such a great group of friends? It means so much!!

    1. I don’t even know how we got here. I am so grateful for his friends. They ended middle school and started high school on a laptop in their bedrooms. They missed so much but they were there for each other They are a special group. <3

  2. Well you look the exact same in the photo of 10 years ago but just shorter hair! Love seeing John so grown up and his group of friends seem precious.

  3. What a beautiful, milestone moment. 🎩👛 I remember that little dance like it was yesterday. 😢 Thank you for sharing Sister’s wonderful photos of this sweet group. John looks so handsome in his tux and I just can’t believe it either! In the wink of an eye, indeed. PS…You look adorable in that coat! ❤️ Jane ~ San Diego

  4. Love that they took buses.. so smart!! Such cute young adults!! It has been so much fun to watch them grow up!!everyone thinks girls are fussy about their hair!! haha!!
    Thanks for sharing!! Hugs, Norma

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