Celebrating Mother’s Day

Today was just about as perfect as a day could be, spending it with my own Mother, Sister (who is one of the best moms I know) and my own two boys. It is hard to find words monumental enough to thank Marme for the sacrifices she made for us, the confidence she instilled in us, and for the wonderful example she gave us to model. The best compliment anyone can give me is to say I’m just like her.

I am also immeasurably grateful to be celebrated myself today. Being mother to John and Whit has been the greatest joy and adventure of my life. I received the most wonderful hand written cards from each of them today and will treasure the words and care they put in to them. John spent most of the day studying for finals, but Whit relaxed in the pool with me and let me talk his ears off.

Honey went out and picked up one of my favorites for breakfast – Waffle House double scattered, smothered and covered for all!

While the guys spread mulch, Mother and I got to do this for hours on end!

My day culminated at John’s lacrosse banquet. I’ll share the prettiest part of that here. :-) (And not dwell on the fact that it was mediocre bbq on paper plates in your lap, bring your own tailgate chair, in a parking lot on the hottest day of the year – and mother’s day to boot.)

My favorite lacrosse guys – and your 2024 seniors!

That’s that for now. It’s full steam ahead until the end of the school year!

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4 thoughts on “Celebrating Mother’s Day

  1. —- Wondering how your Mother got her grandmother name. I’m sure it has significance. Sweet!

    1. Well, Sister and I usually call her Marm or Marme. That came about from Little Women when we were little. My boys call her Mimi. My sister’s kids call her Lala. So she has a lot of names!

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