Walk of Fame 2023

We’ve celebrated a LOT of things over the years, but the last day of school Walk of Fame is my most favorite of all. It’s not elaborate or expensive, but it makes me happier, prouder and more excited than any of the others and is a small thing to remind the boys of how much we love them and just how proud we are of them. Here goes year twelve…

Just like I’ve done since John finished Kindergarten, I lined the sidewalk with signs touting their accomplishments, both in and out of the classroom, from the past year. As for the mechanics of it all, I stake the signs lining the sidewalk (or driveway). I print out 10-11 pages for each child on cardstock. I have a personal notebook that I use every single day for lists, ideas, to-dos, etc. It is helpful to start a running list of ideas for their signs at the beginning of the school year. John is on the left side this year, and Whit is on the right.

The Walk of Fame celebrates the year’s accomplishment, achievements and milestones from in and out of the classroom. I like to include things that I know they are proud of, as well as items that makes us proud as parents.

This kid had another incredible year to wrap up middle school. He did extremely well in academics, continued to shine at the cello and kept a nice group of friends. We received a few notes from his homeroom teacher and other parents throughout the year just to let us know what a nice kid he is, how helpful he is in the classroom, how kind he is to his peers, and how he will stand up for anything he perceives as wrong. Every single teacher wrote on his report card that he is a pleasured to teach. This means THE WORLD. Whit continues to be involved in our church. He played senior select lacrosse and made the all star basketball team, but golf continued to be his sport of choice. Of course, he made plenty of time for video games and puppy antics. I look at this picture of my “baby” and can’t imagine where the time went. Next year he will be a freshman and – just as he’s done since he was two – he is blazing his own trail there too! Rather than attend high school with big bro, he applied and was accepted to study in a program focused on math, science and technology. We are thrilled and proud and cannot wait to see him continue down his very own path.

John finished up his junior year all smiles and with a laundry list of things to be proud of. He continues to be driven and to succeed in school. He has the BEST group of friends that we are thankful for every day. He was a fixture on the field in varsity lacrosse, earned the Scholar Athlete award, and continued with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. He finished up his business track of studies this year, with certifications in Microsoft and Financial Literacy, and has an SAT score (and college plan) he’s happy with. We are in denial that this kid is a senior. I plan to soak up every single moment of the next year with NO REGRETS!

With that, the backpacks have been emptied and we’ve kicked off summer vacation.

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2 thoughts on “Walk of Fame 2023

  1. They are so grown up and handsome! Congrats to both of them and best wishes for a fantastic summer!

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