Asheville NC {Happy Father’s Day from the LAX Field}

We spent today doing one of the things Honey loves most – standing on the sidelines and cheering on both of his boys!

It was an early morning with a drastically different coffee view from the past few days. :-)

Whit and the 2027 team went 0-4 this weekend. He had fun on the field and thoroughly enjoyed his time at Grove Park Inn, so not all was lost.

John and the 2024 Birds went 5-0 and brought home the championship win!

Just take a look at how far they’ve come. Time is a thief.

With three games and 3.5 hour drive home, the best we could do for Father’s day lunch was takeout from a local spot, Homegrown. It was quite yummy and definitely a step up from the snack bar.

To “Honey”, thank you for being our easy going, hard working, care giving, algebra and physics teaching rock.   I am thankful for him – as a husband, father and friend – every single day.  He’s raising our boys with a strong sense of integrity and a heart full of love.

To “Daddy-O”, thank you for over four and a half decades of coming to my rescue, being my cheerleader and fiercely loving me. From printers to accidently parking my car on a boulder to walking me down the aisle to stepping in as a dad for Honey when he lost his too soon, you’re always there.

I figure there’s no day like today to share the worst family photo ever. :-)

Many of my friends – and my own husband – are celebrating their dads in Heaven today. I have read so many beautiful tributes to these great men on social media today. Know that I am thinking of you…

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3 thoughts on “Asheville NC {Happy Father’s Day from the LAX Field}

    1. It’s SO bad. It was for our church directory so we looked like that for eeeeveryone to see.

  1. I was just at the Grove Park Inn last Thursday. You should have eaten there on the Sunset Terrace. What a spectacular hotel. My son also plays lacrosse, class of 2023. I love how you are always so grateful for what you have. From one Catholic mama of 4, to another.

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